Domain name

A DOMAIN name is a translation from a readable name into an IP address. 
The webserver can be accessed from the Internet using just IP address. A domain name is not strictly needed.

Most residential Internet subscriptions use a dynamic public IP address, Meaning it can change every time the modem/router restarts or after a power interruption or even after ISP maintenance work. This makes it hard to keep track of you IP address changes and to access the webserver from the Internet using only the public IP of the broadband connection.

To make life easier, a number of companies offer free DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service). A list of free DNS here.
The limitation is the suffix (TLD)  of the domain-name, has a fixed choice with sometime weird names.

One in particular makes it extremely simple to maintain a DOMAIN name:
The service will create a DOMAIN Name linked to a token. So it is important to SAVE that token.

Updating the public IP address is done by sending a request through an internet-address like this:

Check if the Cron Job is active:

$ contab -l
For more on CRON Job look here.
Compare the CRON job with Windows Task scheduler.

The next step is to create a webpage and post it on the webserver at $ /var/www/html/

How to create a website is beyond this How To.
A number of Content Managing Systems (CMS) are free, most known are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla.
For more on free CMC look here

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