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Browser with anti-detection methods

19 Apr 2023 12:43 - 20 Apr 2023 13:03 #1236 by ThomasAlugh
Browser with anti-detection methods was created by ThomasAlugh
<a href=http://bestbrowser.store> A fundamentally new anti-detection browser with anti-detection methods

<b>Ximera's work is based on the principles of cryptography, which make it possible to confuse digital fingerprints and prevent
sites from collecting and compiling information about the activity of their visitors.

In addition to the obvious advantage of providing anonymous and secure online activities, Chimera has other advantages:
- Profile data can be stored in a convenient way for you. The choice is a database or your own device.
- Data on different devices are synchronized with each other.
- The possibility of fairly accurate manual settings – you can change the proxy settings, time zone, browser identification string and others.
- Access to create multiple work environments.
- Protection of the system from hacking if the password is entered incorrectly.
- Data encryption on a one-way key </i>

Anonymous browser is suitable for both private and corporate use with the distribution of roles between participants.
Install and enjoy protected viewing with anti-detection options.

<b>And also be sure to use our affiliate program, to participate, it is enough to register in your personal account
and get an individual link </b>
Invite your users and get 40% from each payment of the user you invited

<b>We provide a welcome bonus to each new user when registering with the promo code - 94a69r!</b>

USE link AT YOUR ON risk

<a href=https://xdstore.pro/what-is-anti-detect-browser-microsoft-kills-passwords-throws-up-threat-manager-apis-graph-security>what-is-anti-detect-browser-microsoft-kills-passwords-throws-up-threat-manager-apis-graph-security

<a href=https://ximera.press/download-antidetect-browser-baidu-spark-browser>download-antidetect-browser-baidu-spark-browser
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