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Should you dismantle your old gear or trade it in Lost Ark?

28 Mar 2022 14:38 #187 by Skyzhay
Becoming attached to  Lost Ark Gold your gear in Lost Ark isn't usually recommended because you'll need to replace your items with more powerful ones as you go throughout the adventure.

When you begin to acquire newer and more powerful equipment the older pieces begin to accumulate dust in your possessions and it can get quite crowded as you'll finding a lot of collectibles during your journey.

If you're trying to sell the old equipment, you can try selling it to earn gold, or dismantling it for various items. The decision to make, however, will depend on your character's needs at the moment.

Do you want to dismantle or market items from Lost Ark?

In general, it's best to dismantle your old gear Lost Ark Gold for sale before selling it. While selling the gear may give you instant gold, there's also a fair chance you'll come with more valuable items once you begin to dismantle your old equipment.


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