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09 Jul 2022 14:27 #465 by Ecarson
According to the latest news, Lost Ark will be updated on June 30, you can learn more about the update through IGGM. According to the news, Lost Ark updated a new activity island in June, called Heartbeat Island. This island provides the player with a living experience.

After the player spends a lot of energy fighting the enemy, you can go to the beach with friends to relax, look at the beautiful scenery, and dance. On Heartbeat Island, you can also participate in various activities to collect festival coins, which can be exchanged for Lost Ark Gold and other rewards.

In addition to the updated content that players will love, Smilegate has also prepared updated bonus packs for players. There are items for players to choose from that suit their character. In this hot July, IGGM also prepared Cheap Lost Ark Gold for players.

Buy Lost Ark Gold at IGGM and get amazing discounts with an extra 6% off Lost Ark Gold per order. Don't wait any longer, buy now!

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