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  1. This deck worked; it helped Juro raise a $23 million Series B round. But is its deck any good? Let's take a closer look.

    Pitch Deck Teardown: Juro’s $23M Series B deck by Haje Jan Kamps originally published on TechCrunch

  2. To tap into the massive amount of heat the Earth generates, enhanced geothermal startups are focused on advanced drilling techniques.

    Meet 5 startups working to harness the Earth’s heat to save the planet by Tim De Chant originally published on TechCrunch

  3. Many folks building or investing in blockchain-based assets and protocols have kept their chins up amid a series of crises. But what do the numbers tell us?

    Has the FTX mess iced venture interest in crypto? by Alex Wilhelm originally published on TechCrunch

  4. Cryptocurrency exchange company Binance has released a new site that explains its proof-of-reserves system. The company is starting with BTC reserves. Right now, Binance has a reserve ratio of 101%. It means that the company has enough bitcoins to cover all users’ balances. This move comes a couple of weeks after the collapse of FTX, […]

    Binance launches proof-of-reserves system for BTC holdings by Romain Dillet originally published on TechCrunch

  5. Amazon will shut down its food delivery business in India by the end of the year, the retailer said Friday, retreating from a $20 billion vertical it entered less than three years ago. The retailer will shut down the food delivery business, called Amazon Food, on December 29 in India. It launched Food in India […]

    Amazon to shut down food delivery business in India by Manish Singh originally published on TechCrunch

  6. Running data on Kubernetes isn’t always easy, but the good news is that it’s well worth the hard work.

    How to run data on Kubernetes: 6 starting principles by Ram Iyer originally published on TechCrunch

  7. Analysts and e-commerce leaders have been predicting a muted online holiday shopping season this year, with sales in the first three weeks of November essentially flat over a year ago due to a weaker economy, inflation, and more people returning to shopping in stores again in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. But looking at […]

    Thanksgiving 2022 online sales pip past forecasts at $5.3B, up 2.8% on last year, mobile accounted for 55% of all purchases by Ingrid Lunden originally published on TechCrunch

  8. Proton, the Swiss company behind a suite of privacy-focused products including email, has teased a fairly substantial upgrade for its flagship Proton Mail and calendar services. Although Proton has expanded into cloud storage and VPNs through the years, encrypted email remains Proton’s bread and butter — and that is arguably the most interesting facet of its latest […]

    Be like Gmail? Proton Mail will soon offer email categorization, message scheduling, and more by Paul Sawers originally published on TechCrunch

  9. Brace for yet another expansion to the UK’s Online Safety Bill: The Ministry of Justice has announced changes to the law which are aimed at protecting victims of revenge porn, pornographic deepfakes and other abuses related to the taking and sharing of intimate imagery without consent — in a crackdown on a type of abuse […]

    UK to criminalize deepfake porn sharing without consent by Natasha Lomas originally published on TechCrunch

  10. After messing up the first launch of Twitter’s “power to the people” verification system, Elon Musk said that the social network will tentatively roll out a new multicolored verification system next week. The owner of Twitter said that, under this scheme, companies will get a gold checkmark, government officials will get a grey checkmark — […]

    Elon Musk says Twitter’s new multicoloured verification will launch next week by Ivan Mehta originally published on TechCrunch

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